Many people underestimate the critical role that tyres play in keeping your car roadworthy.  Faulty tyres can seriously affect the performance of your vehicle and should be checked regularly.

We offer free tyre checks and we will also undertake minor and major tyre repairs to keep your vehicle on the road.

If your tyres need replacing, we will supply and fit tyres from leading brands at very competitive prices.

We stock and fit all leading tyre brands, including:

Don't worry if you don't see a brand you are used to. We have a full stock range of all leading brands. 

4-Wheel Alignment and BalancinG

Improper wheel balancing and alignment can be a major cause of premature tyre wear, inefficient fuel consumption, and an uncomfortable driving experience. 

If your car pulls to one side of the steering wheel vibrates, then your wheels may not be properly aligned. Four-wheel alignment ensures that both sets of wheels (front and rear) are parallel, thereby minimising rolling resistance, adding thousands of miles to the lifetime of your tyres, and giving you better fuel efficiency. At AB Tyres, we use the very latest four-wheel alignment equipment to ensure that your car’s wheels get the service they deserve

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