Why choose ABTyres?

We pride ourselves on our ability to take care of cars and their drivers. From damaged wheels, balding tyres, batteries, windows, engines, and transmissions,  ABTyres mechanics know the health of any vehicle relies on how regularly it’s serviced.

do you really need a car service every 10,000kms? 

Yes, or every twelve months - whichever comes first. Think of it as preventative maintenance that safeguards your car's roadworthy status and the width of your wallet. While nothing may be outwardly wrong and you’re not worried about any strange noises, something as simple as fuel economy can be improved by a vehicle health check. 


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At AB Tyres & Agri Parts , your scheduled service is a lot more than a mere oil change. We encourage all motorists to have a regular service to reduce engine wear and tear and extend the motoring life of there vehicle. We offer car servicing at both major and interim levels. We will inspect the major components including brakes, steering, suspension, tyres, tyre pressures and all of the vehicle's safety systems. We also check fluid levels, filters, spark plugs and everything else required under the manufacturer's service schedule. We will perform a comprehensive health check to identify and correct any problems and give you peace of mind.

Brakes, Discs & Pads

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Brake performance is vital for vehicle safety. As all brake components wear and deteriorate over time, it’s essential that you get your brakes checked regularly. We offer free brake safety inspections ensuring you and your passengers remain safe on the road.

Getting your brakes checked early, when you first notice a slight difference in your vehicle performance not only ensures maximum safety, it can also save you on more costly repair bill and preserve the health of brake components not yet in need of replacement.


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The clutch is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. One of the hardest working parts of your engine, it is made up of the clutch plate, the bearings and the pressure plate.

If you find yourself having difficulty switching gears, or your car has started slipping in and out of gear, the best thing to do is get it looked at by a professional. Regularly servicing the car is essential to extend the life of your clutch and other key parts of your vehicle, as this allows you to identify simple defects that can be fixed before they endanger you or your passengers. If your clutch is in need of immediate repairs, we can repair or replace it quickly and effectively using quality parts.


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Does your car pull to one side? Do you feel every bump on the road? Do you find it difficult to steer? Do you hear noises when driving over ramps?

If the answer is “Yes” to any of the above, you need to get the suspension checked. We are more than happy to provide you with a free check and carry out any car suspension repair or replace any faulty parts that may include:

  • Coil springs
  • Shock absorbers
  • Ball joints
  • Rack and pinions
  • Tie rod ends
  • CV joints
  • Strut mounts
  • Bushings

Timing Belts

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It’s important to replace your timing belt at the mileage intervals your vehicle manufacturer recommends. Every manufacturer is different, but typically, it needs to be replaced every 60,000–100,000 miles. The recommended interval for your specific vehicle can be found in your car’s owner’s manual.

Because the timing belt is made of rubber, it will wear down over time and eventually break. When it breaks, the engine will stop running or the components will be out of sync, damaging the engine.

If you don’t replace the timing belt at the recommended time, you could end up with total engine failure, broken or bent valves, cylinder head or camshaft damage, and piston and cylinder wall damage. This is not the type of situation where it’s safe to think: ‘If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.’ Replace the timing belt according to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule to avoid thousands of euro repairing or replacing your engine.

Call us today and we wil be happy to provide you with a quote. 


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Is your vehicle/tractor struggling to start?

If your engine sounds sluggish when you start it up it’s a sign that your battery may need replacing. Listen to how your engine sounds, if it’s slower to respond than normal it’s time to get your battery checked.

We stock a very wide range of conventional and stop/startbatteries. If you think you need a new battery for your vehicle,please contact us or book a free battery health check.

NCT/DOE Repair Work

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At AB Tyres & Agri Parts we provide a full pre and post NCT/DOE service for all makes and models of cars and light commercials.

If your car is due its test and you would like it to receive a full health check before bringing it to the test centre please call us on 093 43425 to schedule a pre-test check.

If your vehicle has already had the test but has failed we can help you get back on the road.

Additional services

  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Tow Bars Supplied and fitted
  • Headlight Focus
  • Trailer Light replacements

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